We are a company committed to the delivery of safe, fun and informative self defense programs for girls and women.

Established in 1998, we have evolved from a small part-time business into a professional corporation made up of a team of creative experts to insure that there is collaboration with our clients to both inspire and prepare.


Over the course of one year, we teach more than 3000 students from different cultural, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds. Not to mention the workshops we provide for organizations both in Canada and the United States.

Through our passion, vision and expertise we are able to customize unique self defense programs designed to specifically meet the needs of our clients.  
Carol Connor
Sandra McNash, B.Sc, M.Ed.
Tanya Tomlin, B.A.
Master Instructor Education Consultant Fitness Consultant

We welcome you to experience the excitement and the satisfaction when you partner with Total Defense Inc.

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